In The Name of Mars, I Will Chastise You!

Following in the Sailor Guardian trend from last week, this week is all about Sailor Mars….. and her trip to Colossalcon with Sailor Mercury.


“Nothing good comes out of mimicking other people! What important is being yourself! All girls have the power to make their dreams come true. What’s important is wanting to do it!”

As I may have mentioned before, I didn’t get into the Sailor Moon anime until very recently. One of the things that impressed me the most is how well the show aged. I didn’t watch a single episode until I was 25 years old and I was still able to binge it like crazy without being annoyed or bored; and this was without the aid of any nostalgia making it mean more to me.

It’s not that I didn’t know who or what Sailor Moon or her fellow guardians were with regards to pop culture, I just didn’t watch the right tv stations at the right time before the era of streaming services. Now that I have access to it, I watch it quite a bit. It’s been just over a year since I first started it and I’m just now barely halfway through the second season. It’s one of those shows that I can jump back into easily if some new release or series catches my interest and distracts me for a little while.

She doesn’t get introduced right away, so obviously I liked the show for more than just Rei (Sailor Mars), but when her character was introduced, I related to her right away. Usagi can be a little bit of a pain sometimes what with the crying and the whining and kind of selfish behavior (Sorry Usagi fans) and Rei had no patience for it from the very start. In many fandoms, there aren’t always a great many characters who will disagree with the primary hero or call them out on their BS. Rei is one of those characters, and I admire that so much about her. She’s sarcastic, blunt and practical, but also extraordinarily dedicated to her family and the things that matter to them, like her grandfather and the Hikawa shrine. Sometimes, the hero needs a good kick in the pants to bring them back to reality and Rei is more than happy to deliver. In heels.

Some people may see her as a mean character or as a bully without taking more of her personality into account. Rei is the last girl to sit around and whine when she isn’t getting her way or cry when she’s too scared, and she has little tolerance for that sort of behavior in anyone else. I think that’s why she can come off a bit harsh on Usagi. In her way, she’s trying to help Usagi be her best self and to be brave; only, Usagi doesn’t respond to pressure or stress in the same way that Rei does, which I feel causes most of that friction. In her heart, though, Rei deeply cares for her friends and fellow Sailor Guardians and wouldn’t hesitate to put herself in harm’s way if it meant saving them.

When I was little, I still probably would have related to Rei if Sailor Moon had come into my life sooner. I was always the girl dreaming about being a warrior princess (I partially blame Xena) and being the first one to charge into battle, defeating enemies left and right. Of the first three Sailor Guardians to be introduced in the series, Sailor Mars in particular was that girl. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury were brave and powerful, don’t get me wrong here, but Sailor Mars had this fire inside of her that just made her different than the other two.

I actually based the look for this week on a piece of art I found in a Google image search, I think the signature on it says ‘JojoStory 2016’, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be. At any rate, it’s awesome, but I claim no ownership or participation. I got this cool, edgy-yet-fashionable vibe from it and I went from there.

I was definitely hopped up on energy drinks and candy for most of these pictures, so I don’t think I’m being especially serious in any of them.

The clothing, much like Sailor Mercury from last week, started with the core components of a white top and a red skirt.

Normally, Sailor Mars wears red pumps because she’s amazing and can fight in heels, but for a convention where I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking, I made the executive decision to wear red sneakers instead.


They still made the look work, but my feet didn’t hate me at the end of the day. If heels are your cup of tea for lost of walking though, by all means BE THAT.

In addition to the usual jewelry for small touches this week, I also added a purse (that mostly held afore mentioned energy drinks and candy) for the convention as well as a flannel shirt to break the top and bottom parts up since it looked a little plain.

Both are red to go with the Mars theme. I know her bows are purple, but adding too much purple made it look like I was trying to go for another character.

And now for my favorite part: SMALL TOUCHES. I think I love it so much because it’s almost like being in a secret club. If you get it you get it, if not, they just look like pretty pieces of jewelry…. with the exception of the diadem. It was a convention. I had some fun!


The super Mars-specific pieces this week were the two pairs of earrings I wore.

Since they came in a multi-pack, I also wore some of the earrings that Haley got at Hot Topic:


I actually ordered these awhile back because I wanted to do an actual Sailor Mars cosplay someday, but they’re also good for everyday wear. I am in love with my Sailor Mars star earrings!

Like Haley last week, I also chose to forego the large bow in favor of something a little more subtle. I elected to try a statement necklace and immediately went on the hunt. Shoutout to the very nice lady at Charming Charlie who saw me holding four purple statement necklaces with a very stressed look on my face and took pity on me. She helped me pick out the following piece and I’m SUPER happy with how it pulled the look together.


I also impulse-added a few accessories as we were gearing up to leave for the convention in order to make this more of a lewk. 

Drawing from the look in the art I posted up above, I added a long necklace (that is definitely not a Braavosi coin from Game of Thrones, stop looking at me like that) as well as some layer bracelets (Tiger’s eye is a stone associated with fire and that made me feel like I knew exactly what I was doing) and for the sake of practicality on a sunny day, I added some cool shades to compliment the rest of the outfit.

Thank you for reading this week’s post! Always feel free to share your own looks with me as well as inbox me with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback you may have! Check back next Tuesday to see which bad ass female superhero is featured!

ridiculous mars
I did warn you that things got silly. My Sailor Guardian pose would probably get me kicked out


Theme Month!

Month one down! Thank you so much to everyone who read regularly and provided much-needed feedback and suggestions!

I’m going to keep going with the idea of theme months in order to pick who I cosplay as and I’m really excited to announce that June will be Female Superhero month!

It’s no secret that I’m mildly completely obsessed with Wonder Woman and made a huge deal about seeing it at an early release in theaters last year…. and maybe left the theater pre-ordering the DVD on Amazon.

Ordering an Amazon on Amazon. Poetic.

SO. In honor of the one year anniversary of all of my dreams coming true with a Wonder Woman movie, I’m going to start with her and then showcase some of my other very favorite female superheroes!

Wonder WomanSailor_MercurySailorMarsWitchgroup

This month will also feature a special guest model portraying Sailor Mercury. She is an incredible artist and honestly the best friend a girl could ever ask for. If you like amazing art drawn by a fantastic artist, you should look into her line of characters and designs at

It’s shameless advertising for my best friend. Because this is my blog and I DO WHAT I WANT. But you’ll also love it. Because it’s great.


First post for June’s Female Superhero Month will be up and June 5th! Check back to see how these turn out!