Were You Raised By Wolves, Or Something?

This week’s challenge post comes from a recurring mention on this blog, the incredibly lovely Haley Mortensen!

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San, “Princess Mononoke’ or, ‘The Wolf Girl’ is a character from the animated movie ‘Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki. Studio Ghibli films are also something I didn’t really grow up with for one reason or another but was introduced to just this year. I loved Howl’s Moving Castle, but Princess Mononoke might be my favorite of the ones I’ve seen, which is why I was sort of jazzed that Haley picked her for my challenge this week.

                San was literally raised by wolves, considers them her family and is near suicidally protective of them. She rejects her own humanity when it comes right down to it and is unafraid to fight for her wolf family and the forest that they live in. The wolves she has been raised by are gods in their own right, so she is considered the Princess of the Wolf gods. And we all know how much I love me a good warrior princess.

I was originally going to use a by now very familiar blue skirt for this, but after considering my character some more, I chose some blue shorts instead. She is animated to be wearing a dress under a tunic, but I took some creative liberties when considering this look. I thought about what I’d want to be wearing while running through the forest, riding a giant wolf like a pony and generally kicking butt….. a skirt or dress was not one of these things.

shorts crop
So, they’re technically Wonder Woman shorts…. because I have a problem, but the blue works!

I chose a white tee shirt to go with this instead of a tunic or my initial idea to wear a camisole with a cardigan to get the feeling of her fur cape and bare arms. Again, creative liberties. It’s July in Ohio and I’m not trying to melt for the sake of the lewk. This casual cosplay stuff is supposed to be comfortable and fun, so I’m being that. I will totally share my alternative ideas with you just in case you like this idea, but not necessarily how I’m doing it.


San wears what look like socks on her feet but they must be a boot of some kind with all the running through the woods she does. Or maybe they’re an OG version those Balenciagas that Cardi B is a little obsessed with:

“I like those Balenciagas/ The ones that look like socks” -Cardi B ‘I Like It’

For the record, I definitely had to look up what Balenciagas even were and I only knew they looked like socks because of the song. But I’m having a good time.


I briefly considered a pair of ivory colored ballet flats, but I passed on them because there’s no way I’m running anywhere in those fast, so I picked these kind of beaten up but also off white slip on sneakers

shoes crop

After this, I tried to emulate San’s earrings, fang necklace and the Crystal dagger pendant because when the outfit itself is so basic, I feel like it really relies a lot on the little touches to really feel like that character instead of just me wearing shorts and a tee shirt while my fiancé follows me around the local creek with a camera.

As always, I really appreciate you taking time to read my post! Check back next week so see how much of an idjit Bobby Singer thinks I am!

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