This month’s posts are going to work a little differently.

Usually, my posts are overly sweet, mushy love letters to the characters I’ve chosen to portray. Since the characters this month were chosen for me, no matter how cool they are, I may not always feel the deepest kinship with them. I’ll be able to relate in some way to all of them, but instead of lengthy posts regaling you with stories about how I grew up wanting to be all of these characters, I’m going to focus more on what I enjoyed about putting these casual cosplays together.

I was given The Incredible Hulk by Whiplash O’Reilly of The Jackdaws (You may recognize the art style on their page if you clicked on the links to anything Thistlebury in my last posts!). I’ve known Whiplash for a little over 6 years and from the day I met him, he has always believed in my abilities more than I have. It’s almost like he has believed that there was a scary green rage monster inside of me just waiting to be set free.


I kept it basic with this one for this week. This is due in part to the fact that the Hulk’s ‘costume’ is pretty much just a pair of pants and the color green. I kept to the traditional green and purple color scheme from the original comics, but I tried to consider the aesthetic of both Bruce Banner and ‘The Other Guy’ when putting this together.

The base of the outfit was where I tried to cover myself in as much green as possible. going for a simple green dress that a lady version of Bruce Banner might wear.

dresscrop - Copy

After that, I incorporated some purple in the shrug and shoes I picked. I really liked the uneven hemline of the shrug. I felt like it sort of paid homage to Hulk’s tattered purple pants while still looking like something Bruce Banner would wear to the lab. And if I’m being perfectly honest, the shoes were picked pretty much just because they were purple. With the dress, I wanted to wear heels, but I also could have gone with the purple flats from last week. I was just REALLY feeling heels when doing the photos for this one.

This is the first week I didn’t get really focused on small details. I tried a few things, but they didn’t look quite right. With his penchant to smash, I don’t think the Hulk would worry too much about accessorizing, and Bruce Banner has enough to worry about to be concerned with matching his earrings to his necklace. I realized pretty quickly that a lack of accessories was actually pretty accurate to the character aesthetic. I did, however, choose to take out my contacts and wear my glasses for this one since those were the once accessory I felt like Bruce wouldn’t have to think twice about.

As always, thank you so so much for taking the time to read my blog! Check back every Tuesday to see who I try to put together next! If you enjoy my posts, please feel free to subscribe in order to get updates whenever I post a new thing!

See you next week!


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