Mercury Power, Make Up!


“Be pure, be honest, be beautiful!”

This week’s post features a fantastic guest model as Sailor Mercury, Haley Mortensen, creator of the town of Thistlebury, which is seriously incredible if you want to check her and it out!

Haley is actually the reason I started watching the Sailor Moon anime in the first place. While I was late to the game and immediately related to Rei/Sailor Mars, Haley has been watching this show for a very long time and related more to Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury is the brains of the Sailor Scouts, and even though she is incredibly and intensely intelligent, she remains hardworking and very humble about it. It also doesn’t rule her entire personality. She still takes time to enjoy pop culture and be active. She loves swimming, which really makes sense as she is the Sailor Guardian representing the element of water.

Homegirl says her favorite food is sandwiches because she can eat them and read at the same time, which I can relate to on a very deep level.

The biggest similarities I see between Ami and Haley are their sweet, loving natures, their gentleness toward every living creature and their loyalty and love for their friends and family.

Ami is the solider of water, intelligence, wisdom justice and gadgets. Whoever said that the nerd can never be the hero was dead wrong! She also gets to look good doing it!

Haley and I went to Colossalcon this past weekend as Casual Mars and Mercury and Haley has graciously agreed to allow me to make her my model for this week and use her photos for this post!


We did two kind of different looks for our Sailor Guardians. Basically, the biggest difference was with and without the diadems. We both opted to wear the diadems because its Con and we wanted to have some cosplay fun too.

For Mercury, Haley held her diadem up with a classic ponytail, which Mercury would definitely sport should she grow her hair out. We found her diadem at Hot Topic and the stone was originally a shimmery red, but thanks to some ingenuity and a blue sharpie, it came out looking a little like this:

Image borrowed from Hot Topic’s website and edited for use as an example by me.

We also went with a professional/scholarly feel to give credit to Ami’s intelligence. We found a pair of blue rimmed glasses also at Hot Topic:

Photo from Hot Topic’s website

Haley donned earrings bearing the symbol of Sailor Mercury, also from, you guessed it, Hot Topic! We found a multi-pack of them so you will very likely see something similar in my upcoming Sailor Mars post!

Mercury earrings shopped
Photo Credit to the Hot Topic website

Rather than the massive bows that are part of the Sailor Guardians’ traditional uniforms, Haley opted for an enamel bow necklace modeled on the traditional bow from Mercury’s uniform.

I’m actually not sure who to credit this photo to; I found it in a Google Image search

Rather than tall, heeled, blue boots, Haley opted for a pair of navy knee socks and a pair of flats that still gave the same sort of look, but gave more of that scholarly feel she was going for.

Since the Sailor uniforms all seem to consist of a white top and a skirt with that Guardian’s respective color, it was all about aesthetic with the shirt and skirt combination.

She chose a very classy chiffon blouse with lace and fluttery petal sleeves and a modest blue skirt that might look a little familiar to regular readers:

Mercury Shirt Edit

This is the same skirt that helped transform me into Wonder Woman last week!

For the sake of being true to the idea of this blog and cosplaying without it being too ‘costume-y’, I also snapped a shot of the lovely Haley without the diadem.

We still get the Mercury vibe without the diadem, but this is still something that could totally be worn in any public setting.

But hey, if the diadem brings you joy, as I have always said and always will say, BE THAT.

Thank you for reading this week’s post! Always feel free to share your own looks with me as well as inbox me with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback you may have! Check back next Tuesday to see which bad ass female superhero is featured!

Thanks for the read, see you next week!!

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