Theme Month!

Month one down! Thank you so much to everyone who read regularly and provided much-needed feedback and suggestions!

I’m going to keep going with the idea of theme months in order to pick who I cosplay as and I’m really excited to announce that June will be Female Superhero month!

It’s no secret that I’m mildly completely obsessed with Wonder Woman and made a huge deal about seeing it at an early release in theaters last year…. and maybe left the theater pre-ordering the DVD on Amazon.

Ordering an Amazon on Amazon. Poetic.

SO. In honor of the one year anniversary of all of my dreams coming true with a Wonder Woman movie, I’m going to start with her and then showcase some of my other very favorite female superheroes!

Wonder WomanSailor_MercurySailorMarsWitchgroup

This month will also feature a special guest model portraying Sailor Mercury. She is an incredible artist and honestly the best friend a girl could ever ask for. If you like amazing art drawn by a fantastic artist, you should look into her line of characters and designs at

It’s shameless advertising for my best friend. Because this is my blog and I DO WHAT I WANT. But you’ll also love it. Because it’s great.


First post for June’s Female Superhero Month will be up and June 5th! Check back to see how these turn out!



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