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“I’m going to help Obi-wan. If you plan to protect me, you’ll just have to come along.”

-Padme Amidala, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones


In honor of Mother’s day a few days ago I decided to make this post about the galaxy’s first badass space mama: Padme Amidala. Mother of Luke and Leia, Queen of Naboo, space fashion icon and the universe’s least hateable politician.

I know the prequels get a lot of criticism from fans of the original trilogy, but I just can never be mad at some of the characters in the prequels. Some, not all. I discussed last week how Obi-Wan is one of the things I liked about the prequels. This week, we’re going to talk about Padme because she’s easily one of the most admirable characters in the franchise.

When we first meet her in Phantom Menace, she is Queen of Naboo; a planet on the brink of war and she still manages to keep her cool and the only ‘weakness’ she shows is her concern for her people. She is willing to suffer for them and to do anything to help them. It is revealed in Attack of the Clones that she was so good to her people and so popular that her people tried to pull an FDR and have her in office longer than was traditional. It is also in Phantom Menace that she is involved in a firefight. Rather than hiding behind her bodyguards and cowering, she grabs a a blaster of her own and manages to do some hefty damage to the droids swarming the palace. Get it, girl.

Let’s also not forget about the time that she was chained to a post in the middle of an arena awaiting execution by Nexu (Bad Kitty) and she manages to escape her chains and work toward self preservation while the two seasoned Jedi beside her are still talking about what to do. Did I mention that this is because she LITERALLY PULLED A PIN OUT OF HER HAIR AND USED IT TO FREE HERSELF? After that, even though she takes a pretty powerful hit from the Nexu, she kicks the thing and it goes falling to the ground. If given more hairpins and more time, Padme could have probably gotten out of that arena on her own. Because we’ll never know, this is just something I’m going to choose to believe because I can.

Aside from her bravery, Padme is also a deeply caring and loving person. She’s willing to risk her own safety to go save Obi-Wan against all orders to NOT do the thing, she loves and supports Anakin even when he begins to pull more and more toward the Dark Side. Even in her very last moments, she is trying to convince Obi-Wan that she believes that there is good in Anakin’s heart even after what he did to her on Mustafar.

She is a really great example of someone who can be tender and tough at the same time and I think that’s why I like her so much.

Since I know some of you are here for the ‘LEWK’ more than the extensive reading, without any further ado, I present my Padme Amidala casual cosplay.


The base of this outfit was a plain, red, long sleeved dress:

Dress Edit

I feel like a red shirt and skirt would also work, and if you aren’t a dress/skirt kind of person, try a red shirt and dark jeans.

I stuck with black and gold accessories to compliment the gold ornamentation on her gown as well as the dark trim. I thought a long gold chain could stand in for all the embroidery on the front of her gown.

I feel like the belt broke the dress up a little; without it, this was more of a Star Trek look, which isn’t the fandom I’m celebrating this month.

Since no one really knows what kind of shoes are worn under this gown, I really tried to take the character into consideration. Given the ornateness of the gown and the hair and the makeup, I didn’t figure this would be set off by plain flats or pumps and I decided to get bold while still being comfortable.


These bad mamma jammas are actually surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in, but they also made me feel very Space Queen.

I also paid a great deal of attention to hair and makeup this week since Padme’s hair in particular is always ornate and awe inspiring, but let’s be realistic here: there is nothing comfortable, simple or casual about that amazing high roll, so I went for this sort of vintage-y twists that were actually surprisingly easy to do. HOWEVER. If big hair is your thing and you have the courage and patience for that iconic style, BE THAT.

Standing Hair

And then when we look at the intricate face paint and the Scar of Remembrance that all Queens of Naboo sport, we’re once again looking at something that’s going to drive a convention wild but won’t feel comfortable after awhile, so I picked a happy medium: full red lips that I achieved using actual Star Wars makeup:




Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Tattooine.

Don’t let the caption fool you, it’s Covergirl; credit where credit is due.

QueenAmidala_ThroneRoomStanding good shoe

I hope you enjoyed my honest, ranty opinions about why Padme is one of the coolest Star Wars characters! Always feel free to share your own looks with me as well as inbox me with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback you may have. Check back next Tuesday for the next fun week of Star Wars month!


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