Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder

han stan

Han Solo is the galaxy’s most lovable scoundrel, smuggler and scruffy looking Nerf-Herder. An important main character from the original trilogy, he was one of my favorite characters instantly. This probably had very little to do with my huge crush on Harrison Ford. Nope. Not a thing. Stop looking at me like that.

His sarcasm and sense of humor spoke to me even at the age of four. It’s a trend I’ve noticed with my favorite characters from anything I’ve watched or read my whole life. Oh, they made a sarcastic comment? I relate to that! Wow! So relatable!

When I was a kid, I had this half cocked idea that if you could deal with adversity through sarcasm, you were instantly as cool as Han Solo. This made for some really interesting playground confrontations and ultimately made me very few friends. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned how to use my powers of  sarcasm for good that it become one of my more endearing qualities. Maybe. People laugh when I talk sometimes so I see that as a positive reaction and run with it.

A portion of who I am today began to form the first time I saw Star Wars and realized that I wanted to be as cool as Han Solo which is why I decided to have him kick off Star Wars month. I love this one so much because it’s also a lot of payout for very little effort. Seriously, one of the easiest things to put on and wear for the entire day.

Han On steps
The Inspiration….
HanSolowith photo edits
Who’s Scruffy Lookin’?

Since spring hasn’t really taken a firm hold here yet, I opted for a long-sleeved white Henley style shirt, but a short-sleeved tee could also work with this for sure.


I happened to have this fluttery black vest type thing laying around, but I would have gone with a black cardigan or jacket as a second choice if I hadn’t had something so perfect.


Everyone probably has a pair of dark wash jeans in their closet somewhere, so that was a pretty easy choice.


Rounding out the major parts of the look are a pair of black boots. I feel like any pair of black shoes would work for this depending on personal style.

Yes, that is paint all over my hardwood floors. I blame the people who owned my house before me.

I think my favorite part of any casual cosplay I have ever put together is the tiny details. They’re mostly for me since the details are so small, but the whole concept of this blog is to be doing this primarily for the person wearing the clothes anyway. These made me really happy so I ran with them.

And of course, the obvious thing here is that this isn’t set in stone. My way might not be the best way for everyone. Want to replace an item with one that you like better? Do it! Want to wear black pants instead of blue? BE THAT.

Always remember that this blog is about empowerment and self-confidence and not me telling you how to live your life. Be your own best self!


I hope you enjoyed this week! Always feel free to share your own looks with me as well as inbox me with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback you may have. Check back next Tuesday for the next fun week of Star Wars month!

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